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Blue Gardenia

I drove through Mississippi's Gulf Coast yesterday....

Some pics don't qualify for resizing, because their pixel size needs to match their import.

That having been said, I went to Mississippi yesterday and saw the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina.

I drove from Biloxi west to Pass Christian and it ISN'T pretty.

I'm going to post just a few of the pics, but those who are interested, simply let me know and I'll link you to my photobucket where ALL the pictures are posted.

Wanna go to church?
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How about out to eat?
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Drat! They all seem to be closed leveled. I guess we could just go for a drive instead.

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Well, I suppose we could go to a casino

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Image hosted by

Hrmmm....Let's just visit a friend's house

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Well, crap! I know! Let's go to Wal-Mart! They're always open!

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Looks like our friends have moved! But we're in luck! I found their new houses.
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I apologize for the quality of the photographs. They were taken from a moving vehicle. But, you guys get the idea of the devastation. I will be posting more - but considering their size and the fact that they do not accurately express the enormity of what has occurred to my neighbors in Mississippi, I'm going a little bit at a time.

If you guys are interested in seeing.
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And it stretches on for miles and miles and miles. I took almost 150 pictures yesterday and for every photograph I snapped, there were 500 more I could have taken. It's unbelievable.

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I know what you mean. I've suffered so many hurricanes and thought I was "seasoned" and nothing could shock me...
Holy. Flippin. Cow.

I kind of literally started coughing when I looked (also partly from being sick).

Wow o.o
And this isn't even a SPECK of what has happened over there. You just wouldn't believe it.... I know I didn't as I drove through and saw it with my own eyes.
Last time I drove out to Orlando it was pitch black, about 10 at night for GradNite at Disney (I live in Tampa), and we couldn't see shit out the bus windows it was SO dark. =/ I can't imagine what all else it looks like, though. Wow o.o

What I found most difficult to fathom was that this is JANUARY and the storm hit in AUGUST. If it looks like these pictures now, what did it look like the day after?
That's what I really don't want to know >.
a nieghbor of mine volunteered for two months in New orleans and there were foundations... then houses miles away. It's amazing.