Sniggity-niggity-noinch! (heywood417) wrote in hurricanehaters,

hi. I'm new here.

I live in Thibodaux Louisiana currently, but lived in Uptown New Orleans up until June of 2005. It was sheer luck that we moved out of the city before Katrina--I've seen our old apartment...not good.

While I didn't lose my home to the storm, I did lose my job, and was set back severely with school (I'm a grad student at UNO)...however I consider myself very lucky. What we endured was nothing compared to many people out there.

I am beginning work on my thesis and joined this community for that reason. I'm an environmental analysis major doing a behavioral study of how people react to disasters--in particular, how residents of New Orleans reacted to Katrina. Eventually I will have to survey some people from the city, both people who returned and people who didn't. I'm not to that point yet, but I hope to be able to use this community to find people who would be willing to participate. Everything is anonymous and can be done online.

I also hope to gain insight for my paper from the stories I hear here. Thank you all, and god bless each and every one of you.

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